Nissan GT-R (X) 2050 Concept First Look: A Wearable Autonomous Supercar?



The Nissan GT-R (X) 2050 concept is quite obviously a flight into the future. Designed by Nissan intern Jaeburn (JB) Choi, it is an autonomous supercar designed for a single occupant who puts on a dockable body suit, climbs in, and lies face down and face first. This contortionist exercise is no mere sketch, either. David Woodhouse, vice president of Nissan Design America, was intrigued enough by Choi’s

vision that he approved a full-scale model to be built.

Nissan GT-R (X) Concept: All About The Size And Shape

The concept is almost 10 feet long but is only about 2 feet high. It only has room for one person—who, technically, is not the driver since it is an autonomous vehicle. Would you ride in something like this, in that face-first, face-down position? We’ll leave that question in your head, but also point out that most autonomous vehicle concepts these days resemble shrunken subway cars with plain upright benches. So this is different.

Nissan’s concept also is essentially a wearable machine: the single occupant not only lies prone with arms and legs splayed so the body forms an X, but the “driver” (occupant?) wears a form-fitting suit and helmet—picture the skeleton competitors at the Winter Olympics.

Driver Wears A Dockable Suit

And the driver is essentially “docked” in the car: the helmet inserts into a slot to access the front vision camera with virtual-reality vision—there is a small window in the car but visibility is limited. Never mind that the occupant becomes a sort of iPhone charging cable in the process.

Woodhouse describes it as similar to a four-wheel superbike laid on its side.

The wheels are designed to allow the vehicle to turn 360 degrees. The tires have an outer diameter of 21 inches and inner wheel circle of 15 inches. An active wing adds downforce when extended—it folds so the drive can get in and out which is done by lifting the top of the car.

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