Los Angeles Real Estate Philanthropist Howard Rudzki Helps Save Older Dogs

The problem of dogs needing to be adopted from shelters is not going away and that is why over the last couple of years Los Angeles based real estate philanthropist and passionate dog lover, Howard Rudzki has been going to animal shelters across the L.A. basin to adopt older dogs.  But what makes Rudzki’s mission all the more crucial is that he saves many of these wonderful animals — some of them retired service dogs — from euthanasia.

Once the dog is away from the shelter, he starts his search to find it a new home, providing the animal with love and care until it moves in with its new family.

His road to dog rescuing first started after a trip to the animal shelter in his area.  A dog that didn’t have a great chance of adoption caught his attention and ever since that moment he has adopted so many, many more.

Rudzki explains, “I am committed to rescuing displaced, neglected or unwanted older dogs and  then rehabilitating them with proper medical and nutritional care so they can thrive in safe and caring homes where they will be a loved family member.”

He said that since the dogs are older they don’t need as much attention as puppies would so he still has down time to relax and unwind.  Because the dogs are older, they also tend to get along for the most part.

“In the past, I have taken requests from people looking to adopt a dog with specific traits and characteristics and scour the county looking for the perfect dog to match an adopters wish, but that is rare,” Rudzki adds.  “For the most part, I work with my local shelters and rely on my local network to help place these amazing animals.”