Dog Rescuer, Howard Rudzki’s Quick Tips for Testing a Dog’s Temperament

Before going to choose a rescue dog, you should have a general idea of what size, coat type, and energy level would fit in best with your lifestyle. Is your schedule random or consistent? Is your home quiet or chaotic?

Today throughout Los Angeles County there is no shortage of dogs in shelters who long for adoption, and generally speaking, you can find one that will dovetail into your life with ease and harmony.

To learn a bit about what to look for in a dog’s temperament when considering a rescue dog, we have turned Howard Rudzki, who has been rescuing mature dogs from euthanasia for the past five years.

While there are many detailed temperament tests out there, when choosing a dog or puppy, I often advise clients to do five simple exercises to judge how a dog will it into your lifestyle, Rudzki explains.

1)Ask to take the dog or puppy out of the cage and let it sniff the groujd for a few minutes, then try to get his attention by calling out to him. Next, extend a toy or treat and walk six feet across the floor. Does he follow you?

2) Take a set of keys and shake then behind your back. Then drop then drop them on the floor five feet from your candidate and note his reaction.  Is the dog hyper, nervous or startled?

3) Hop across the floor and pretend that you have tripped. What does the puppy do?

4) See how the dog tolerates being handled. Kneel down and pet him. How does the dog react?

5) Now restrain your candidate by a leash or collar, offering treats or toys if he seems startled or uncomfortable. Does he settle down?

Any dog of course will act more stable in a loving home, but these quick tips should give you a fairly good assessment of how the dog interacts with the world and should help you decide which furry friend will make the best pet for you.

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Howard Rudzki HOWARD RUDZKI Howard Rudzki has turned his passion for bike riding, dogs and education into vehicles to help for good. He started out bike riding when he was 20 for the pleasure and enjoyment that a good ride provides and has been a committed cyclist ever since. Rudzki rides every week either by himself or as part of group and annually participates in fundraising rides. For the last three years, he has ridden in America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride, raising money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, whose mission is to find a cure for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma and improve the quality of lives for their patients and families.When he is not riding, Rudzki spends his time going to animal shelters across the L.A. Basin rescuing older dogs. He is committed to saving displaced, unwanted canines and rehabilitating them with proper medical and nutritional care so they can thrive in safe and caring homes where they will be a loved family member.In addition to helping animals, Rudzki believes he has an obligation to give back to underprivileged communities so that all children are able to receive a good education. Over the years, he has donated computers, printers and software to schools to help develop the future leaders of our city.